How to Get Jamón Serrano

Though Americans have long been after a taste of this privileged pork, there’s one catch: Pata Negra is illegal in the United States.

Unless you’re prepared to smuggle a ham in your suitcase, you’ll have to wait until these legendary meats are approved for export. Currently, there are a handful of Spanish production facilities that have been approved by the FDA, and their hams will be ready for export in 2007. The whole hams are expected to fetch about $1,000 each (around $75/pound) and can be pre-ordered from with a $200 deposit. In essence, you’ll be buying ham futures—start planning your Spanish-themed party now!

The more conventional (but still quite delicious) Jamón Serrano hams can be purchased from a variety of online sources, though many fine delicatessens also stock it. Sliced and whole Jamón can be ordered from Casa Oliver (call 1-888-80SPAIN) and from Delicias de Espana (call 1-305-669-4485).

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